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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  2, Issue 3, September-December 2008, Pages 127-131



Levels of Knowledge
*Purushothama Gowda M, **Keshava
*Sr. Asst. Librarian, **Lecturer *Mangalore University Library, Mangalagangothri- 574 199, **Department of Library and Information Science, Karnataka University, Dharwad-3, Karnataka
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21st century  is the Knowledge century . Knowledge production , knowledge use and knowledge dissemination, is an integral activity of the knowledge society. Information and knowledge are not mutually exclusive and contradictory to each other and they rather enrich each other. Mainly there are two types of knowledge viz. Materialistic knowledge and spiritualistic   knowledge. The Information in Relation to Knowledge can be classified into three category: Transparent knowledge, Relative knowledge and Independent knowledge. These three principles of knowledge can be applied to any thing under the sun, such as life of Buddha to laws of Newton who formulated the concepts of Kaivalya and theory of gravity, respectively.

Keywords Knowledge, Information, Materialistic Knowledge Spiritualistic Knowledge, Transparent Knowledge Relative Knowledge, Independent  Knowledge

Corresponding Author : *Purushothama Gowda M