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RFP Journal of Gerontology and Geriatric Nursing

Volume  3, Issue 2, July – December 2020, Pages 63-64


Review Article

A Comparative Study to Assess the level of depression among Elderly Men and Women in Selectedold age home, Surat, Gujarat
Alka D Tajne
PhD Scholar, MScN, Paediatric, Principal, Vibrant Nursing College, Surat 394540, Gujarat, India.
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Abstract Depression is a potentially preventable disease if appropriate screening and prophylactic strategies are employed. However, lack of knowledge and awareness can result in underutilization of the preventive strategies. We assessed the knowledge among men and women in selected old age home of Surat district. We conducted a comparative study on men and women of selected area. Data were collected using a survey method and selfadministered questionnaire related to geriatric depression scale. Data analysis was done using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results. Data from 60 participants were included in the final analysis.Difference between men and women was 3.7, the median difference between men and women was 4.1, the mode difference between men and women was 2, the standard deviation difference between men and women was 0.54. That is indicate men have more depression rather than women. Conclusions. Our study population showed depression of men and women. Preventive interventions including education for individuals with chronic illness, behavioural activation, cognitive restructuring, problem-solving skills training, group support, and life review have also received support Keywords: WHO-World health organization; SD-Standard deviation; HO-Null hypothesis; H1-Research hypothesis.

Corresponding Author : Alka D Tajne, PhD Scholar, MScN, Paediatric, Principal, Vibrant Nursing College, Surat 394540, Gujarat, India.