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Urology, Nephrology and Andrology International

Volume  7, Issue 1, January-June 2022, Pages 7-13


Original Article

Is Combination Therapy (Mirabegron + Solifenacin) better than Monotherapy (Solifenacin) in the Treatment of OAB?
SML Prakash Babu1, Abhishek Kulkarni2, Sangle Ameya Rangnath3
Associate Professor, 2Consultant Urologist, 3Senior Resident, Department of Urology, MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore 560054, Karnataka, India.
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OAB is a common and distressing chronic bladder condition presenting
with symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency, and urge incontinence.
Pharmacotherapy with antimuscarinic agents is one of the major treatment
options for OAB. Mirabegron in combination with antimuscarinic drugs is being
used for treatment-resistant OAB. Given that the two groups have different
modes of action, it is logical to think that combination therapy would have
advantages over monotherapy

Corresponding Author : Sangle Ameya Rangnath