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Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology

Volume  14, Issue 3(Special Issue), July - September 2021, Pages 669-674


Review Article

Death due to Asphyxia: A Forensic Prognosis
Abhinav Singh
Research Scholar, Forensic Science, School of Allied Health Sciences, Sharda University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201310, India.
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From ancient times, hanging, strangulation, and ligature marks have been the topic of interest in forensic science, psychology, forensic medicine, and other branches of science. Hanging is a courageous act for committing suicide; people kill themselves by hanging with the means of ligature. Nowadays, the cases of committing suicide by the standards of hanging are tremendously rising; adults perform this act, but teenagers find it easy to commit suicide and hang themselves. In comparison, strangulation causes death by strangulating the surface of the throat or neck. Hence the essential responsibility of the forensic investigator and the forensic medicine practitioner is to determine the mode of death. Significant and minor findings are located at the time of death, differentiating whether the end is due to hanging or strangulation. Hence, the study aims to detail the hanging, strangulation, the ligature marks, and the post-mortem findings of the major and minor findings during investigation in the cases of hanging and strangulation, which would help the attentive soliloquist to differentiate among these two modes of death and attempts to discuss the scientific grounds, techniques, and methods used to study the cases of hanging and strangulation, along with the type of ligature used and the methods used for the strangulation with their post-mortem findings while performing an autopsy.

Corresponding Author : Abhinav Singh