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Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology

Volume  14, Issue 3(Special Issue), July - September 2021, Pages 731-738


Review Article

Psychological Profiling: A Tailored Forensic Investigation
1Kavaljit Kour, 2Ekampreet Kaur, 3Salwinder Kaur, 4Jaskaran Singh
1Joint Registrar, OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana 131001, India. 2Intern, Toxicology Division, Regional Testing Forensic Science Laboratory, Ludhiana141008, Punjab, India. 3Intern, DNA Profiling Unit, State Forensic Science Laboratory, Mohali, Punjab 160059, India. 4Assistant Professor, School of Allied Health Sciences, Sharda University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 244001, India.
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Forensic Psychology is a vast field which comprises of many subdivisions. It focuses on the study of personal, behavioral and psychological characters of the criminal who have committed the crime. Criminal Profiling is the method which includes the entire behaviour and psychology of the culprit. It does not directly leads towards the individual, but it gives the idea regarding the traits or the characteristics of the offender. Criminal Profiling is the emerging field and is used especially in the violent homicidal cases such as murder, rape, arson. This method is useful in investigation and examination of the criminal personality and behavioral descriptions and aids in the identification of type of the person who have committed the crime. Therefore, Criminal Profiling is a standard weapon for the forensic identification. This review paper covers almost all the aspects of criminal profiling and how this method has potential to investigate the heinous crimes. key message: Psychology is an emerging field in forensic science. This study focuses on the procedure and application of criminal profiling in the forensic investigation

Corresponding Author : Kavaljit Kaur