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Journal of Microbiology and Related Research

Volume  8, Issue 1, January-June 2022, Pages 19-22


Review Article

Micro Encapsulation for Ultraviolet Protection and Activity Enhancement of Baculoviruses
Rakesh Kumar Gupta1, Kamlesh Bali2, Mudasir Gani3
1Professor and Head, Division of Entomology, 2Associate Professor, Division of Sericulture, 3Assistant Professor, Division of Entomology, Shere-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir 193201, India.
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Baculoviruses are dsDNA viruses and universally used biological control agents in the integrated pest management
programmes. The foremost drawback of these viruses is their sensitivity towards ultraviolet radiation. Different
materials have been tested by different workers to influence the sunlight protectant activity. Microencapsulation
is currently an extensively studied approach in protecting baculoviruses from UV light as well as enhances the
activity, efficiency and performance of baculoviruses formulations. Findings suggest that the microencapsulation
technique could reduce the cost and enhance the efficacy of baculoviruses. On the other hand, it can also reduce the
use of agrochemicals and their residues in the environment and food materials

Corresponding Author : Rakesh Kumar Gupta,