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International Physiology

Volume  3, Issue 1, January - June 2015, Pages 17-22


Original Article

Association of Age at Menarche with BMI: A Population Based Comparative Study on Bengali Women
Madhumita Debnath*, Jhuma Sarkar**, Baijayanti Baur**
*Department of Physiology, Dr. K.L.Bhattacharyya College, India. **Department of Community Medicine, Medinipur Medical College, India.
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 The age at Menarche is showing a steady decline around world. Increased adiposity in adolescence worldwide may have some influence on timing of puberty. A population based cross-sectional study has been designed in rural and urban Bengali women aged 10–60yrs to explore the relationship between adolescent obesity and mean age at menarche. Patterns of BMI, body weight, height, waist circumference, hip circumference and waist-hip ratio were analyzed in early, average and late maturing girls along with their prevailing socioeconomic conditions. The result shows that adolescent girls with higher BMI and abdominal fat are experiencing early age at menarche. Negative association between mean age at menarche and average per capita income has been demonstrated simultaneously. Studies with adult woman have shown that prevalence of obesity is highest in those women who had experienced an early menarche in their adolescence.

Keywords: Menarche; BMI; Adolescence; Obesity. 

Corresponding Author : Madhumita Debnath*