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Indian Journal of Plant and Soil

Volume  6, Issue 1, January-June 2019, Pages 25-31


Original Article

Plant Growth and Yield as Affected by Application of Organic Inputs with Fertilizer in Rice Wheat Cropping Sequence
L.K. Jat1, Y.V. Singh2
1Assistant Professor, Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Research Station (SKN Agriculture University, Jobner - Jaipur), Navgaon, Alwar, Rajasthan 301025, India. 2Assistant Professor, Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005, India.
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The present study was taken up on Alluvial soils of Varanasi to evaluate the effect of organics with chemical fertilizer on growth and yield in rice-wheat cropping sequence. The experiment was laid out in randomized block design with nine treatments with three replications. Treatments consists of control (no fertilizer), 100% NPK and combinations of 70% NPK with different organics viz., FYM, pressmud and vermicompost were applied on nitrogen basis (36 kg). The results reveal that highest plant height of rice and wheat at 90 DAT (122.9, 96.67 cm), number of tillers per meter row length (77.53, 156.84), chlorophyll content at 60 DAT (39.67, 38.54 SPAD), number of grains per panicle (45.03, 67.12), test weight (23.02, 37.51g), grain yield (47.78, 41.63 q ha-1) and straw yield (72.78, 65.47 q ha-1) was found from T8 (70% NPK + 15% N by FYM and 15% by pressmud) and closely followed by T7 (70% NPK + 15% N by vermicompost and 15% by pressmud). Among the organics, pressmud reported higher in all above parameters. The 100% NPK recorded significantly lower as compared to T8 and control plot recorded lowest value of all above parameters. The study showed that integrated use of organics with fertilizer produced higher and sustainable yield of rice and wheat.

Keywords: Growth; Yield; Organics; Fertilizer; Rice and wheat.

Corresponding Author : L.K. Jat