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Indian Journal of Plant and Soil

Volume  4, Issue 2, Jul-Dec 2017, Pages 47-52


Original Article

Defining Viable Population Density in Tea (Camellia L. Spp.) New Clearings
V. Ranganathan
IMT Technologies Ltd., Pune, Maharastra, India.
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 Decisions on population density to start with in new clearings or replanting old tea, depends on how soon the leaf area index attains optimum level to make the plants productive so that the break-even point is reached at the earliest to get back the cost of plants, planting and their maintenance till they become productive. Critical review of results from the experiments conducted over the years with varying population ranging from 408163 plants per ha (245 cm2 per plant) to 6944 plants /ha (1.44m2per plant) show the optimum population density lie between 10000 to 20000 plants per ha depending on the spreading habit of the cultivar and initial investments on cost of plants, planting and their maintenance.

Keywords: New Clearing; Replanting Old Tea; Viable Population Density at Planting.

Corresponding Author : V. Ranganathan, Retired Scientist Block-12, Flat H-1, Jains green acres, 91 Darga Road Pallavaram, Chennai 600043 Tamil Nadu, India.