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New Indian Journal of Surgery

Volume  3, Issue 3, July - September 2012, Pages 167-167



Study the Prescribing Pattern and Prescription Event Monitoring of Anti Retroviral Regimens and Other Drugs Used in 75 Cases of HIV/AIDS Patients
Kushagra Maini, Purva Ranchal
Government Medical College, Patiala, India
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  The Government of India estimates that about 2.40 million Indians are living with HIV (1.93 3.04 million). Children (<15 years) account for 3.5% of all infections, while 83% are the in age group 15-49 years. A study prescribing patterns is an important tool to determine rational drug therapy and maximum utilization of resources. The incidence of HIV is currently on the rise. The rapeutics in HIV positive patients is complicated and involves poly-pharmacy. Presence of co-morbidities further complicates the situation. In such a scenario it is necessary to be aware of the prescribing patterns in current existence and to evaluate them for their appropriateness. There is currently a dearth of data on the subjec

Corresponding Author : Kushagra Maini