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New Indian Journal of Surgery

Volume  3, Issue 3, July - September 2012, Pages 132-132



Treatment Pattern of Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in General Practice with 3rd Generation Oral Cefixime in Bangladesh
Md Sazid Rezwan
Sir Salimullah Medical College , Dhaka , Bangladesh
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 Respiratory Tract Infections (RTIs) are a major health problem in developing countries. An estimated 2.2 million people, worldwide, die yearly because of acute respiratory infections. . It is estimated that Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, & Nepal together account for 40% of global acute respiratory infection mortality. RTIs are the most common reason for physician visits and prescription of antibiotics. Cefixime is quickly establishing as a potent broad-spectrum antibiotic with a wide variety of indications. This observational study was designed to describe the treatment pattern of third generation oral Cefixime in managing RTIs in general practice.


Corresponding Author : Md Sazid Rezwan