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New Indian Journal of Surgery

Volume  13, Issue 1, January-March 2022, Pages 43-47


Case Report

A Case Series on Rare Types of Carcinoma Breast
B Sampath Kumar,MS Kalyan Kumar,V Vijayalakshmi,R Kannan,M Mohamed Hanif
MS, 3,4Professor, 5Junior Resident, Institute of General Surgery, Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital & Madras Medical College, Chennai 600003, India.
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Carcinoma Breast is a common occurrence in
women. Most common pathological type being
invasive ductal carcinoma: No Special Type.
Carcinoma breast is a systemic disease and its
management requires a multimodal treatment
including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy,
hormonal therapy and immune therapy based on the
type and stage of the disease. Here we are presenting
a case series of rarer pathological types of carcinoma
breast namely. 1: Solid papillary carcinoma with
neuroendocrine differentiation, 2: Metaplastic
carcinoma of breast, 3: Invasive carcinoma breast
mimicking as sclerosing adenosis

Corresponding Author : B Sampath Kumar