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Journal of Psychiatric Nursing

Volume  11, Issue 1, January – April 2022, Pages 17-19


Review Article

Influence of Social Media on Health of Youth
Rahim Owais1, Nancy Thakur2, Subashini SP
Nancy Thakur
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Abstract With the fast development of technology, the use of social media has become a very common activity among all the age groups especially youngsters. Social media has opened new opportunities for the youth but it has also raised certain challenges which is a matter of concern. Children are growing up along with the social media technologies which has made social platforms an important aspect of their life. Actually, social media is transforming the behavior with which youth interact with their adults as well as how they make the use of technologies. In fact, social media technologies have become an integral part of youngsters. Nowadays introduction to digital screens has become easily accessible to children. With the passage of time when the children reach adolescence, they become addicted to these technologies. In this research paper I will try to give a brief overview of the influence of social media on health of youth. Keyword: Influence of Social Media; Drug Menace; Psychological; Health rumours.

Corresponding Author : Nancy Thakur