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Journal of Psychiatric Nursing

Volume  11, Issue 1, January – April 2022, Pages 9-12


Original Article

Nurses Knowledge on Standards Precautions
Pallavi Biswas
Pallavi Biswas, Professor, College of Nursing, Padhar, Padhar Hospital, Betul, Madhya Pradesh 460001, India.
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Abstract Introduction: The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that, of the 35 million health care workers worldwide, 3 million experiences percutaneous exposures to blood borne pathogens each year. Among these exposed health care professionals, 2 million were exposed to HBV, 0.9 million to HCV, and 170,000 to HIV. It is seen that mostly the injuries occurs in developing countries. All health care workers need to be aware of their individual responsibility for maintaining a safe care environment for patients and staff. Every healthcare worker needs to be clear about their specific responsibility for cleaning equipment and clinical areas. Objective: The present study was to assess the knowledge regarding standard precaution among staff nurses. To assess the effectiveness of structured teaching module regarding standard precautions. Materials and Methods: Quantitative evaluative research approach was employed with true experimental, pre and post-test research design. The sample consisted of 30 staff nurses, selected using convenient sampling technique. Results: Result of the present study revealed that after structured teaching program out of 30 staff nurses 25(83.33%) of the participants have Good knowledge, whereas 5 (16.67%) had Average knowledge, The data depicts that the obtained t value was 10.76 and p value 0.001. Keywords: Standard precautions; Staff nurses; Knowledge; Infection.

Corresponding Author : Pallavi Biswas