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Indian Journal of Surgical Nursing

Volume  3, Issue 3, Sept - Dec 2014, Pages 93-96


Original Article

Organ Transplantation – A New Arena in Nursing
Jaya Kuruvilla
*Principal/ professor, P.D. Hinduja College of Nursing, Mumbai
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A man waits and wonders if a new heart will arrive.  A woman walks without pain with a bone transplant. A child grows up with a new liver. A mother in the midst of tragedies in her own life helps give life to others through organ donation. These are the stories we have heard about the lives transformed by the miracle of organ & tissue donation and the stories of men & women, who give and receive the gift of a lifetime. Please do remember they are not the statistics of medical literature. These are ordinary human beings who have made a difference in the life of another person and at any moment it could be each of us.

Corresponding Author : Jaya Kuruvilla