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Indian Journal of Surgical Nursing

Volume  11, Issue 1, January-April 2022, Pages 23-25


Review Article

Behavioral Science in Public Health
Associate Professor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Gouritai Tilak College of Nursing, Solapur 411030 Maharashtra, India
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Behavioral science is the discipline dealing with the subject of human actions of sociology, social and cultural anthropology, psychology, and behavioral aspects such as biology, economics, political science, geography, law, and psychiatry.
Behavioral Science provides timely intuition to double down strategies to revive the now dampened demand for essential public health services within the society. The coronavirus is bringing down the ‘perceived risk’ posed by other health issues than the Covid-19. All the communications involving public health activities in current times must adopt a framing which actively challenges behavioral barriers.
People are nowadays negotiating between the harms of exposure to the pandemic and the useful benefits of other health services. This calculus can go very wrong and ties in squarely with the behavioral barriers of ‘availability bias’, ‘loss aversion’, and ‘hyperbolic discounting’. The World Health Organization in their briefing has indicated that COVID-19 may become endemic, like HIV, and never go away without proper preventive, protective measures and eradicating programmes.
As we see behavioral science has brought many changes in the life of peoples and modifying their behavior in preventing the Virus, affecting people and staying safe: So behavioral Science is the back bone of the general public health system

Corresponding Author : Balasaheb M Biradar,