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Indian Journal of Surgical Nursing

Volume  11, Issue 1, January-April 2022, Pages 9-12


Original Article

A Study to Assess the Level of Depression Among the Cancer Patient in Oncology ward and OPD in Selected Hospital
Raosaheb Baban Jagtap1, Nilesh Ramesh Mhaske2, Shriramwar Sayali V3, Kashid Sonali Bhagwat4
1,3Assistant Professor, 2Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, SVJCT’s, Samarth Nursing College, Dervan, Chiplun, Ratnagiri 415606 Maharashtra, India., 4Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, College of Nursing, Loni Bk, Ahmednagar 413736 Maharashtra, India.
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Background: The experience of the cancer is changing for our client and familiar today a person confronted with new diagnosis often knows someone who has serviced cancer yet cancer remain a frightening unknown for many cell is the basic unit of structure and function in biological system to the basis of composition and organization. 

Aims and Objectives: The present descriptive research design with Cross Sectional survey approach was used to assess the level of depression among the cancer patient in oncology ward and OPD in selected Hospital among 60 cancer patients at Dr. Vikhe Patil Memorial Hospital, Ahmednagar. The data were collected by using the Beck's Depression inventory scale and structured Interview Schedule. The results were analyzed and interpreted using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Corresponding Author : Nilesh Ramesh Mhaske