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Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga

Volume  15, Issue 2, April-June 2022, Pages 63-65


Case Report

Role of Internal Medication (Śamana Oushadhi) and Lepa in the Management of A Surgical Case-Lymphangioma
Savita S Angadi, 2Vijaykumar S Kotrannavar
1Professor, PG Department of Shalakya Tantra, KLE University`s Shri B.M. Kankanawadi Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Belagavi, Karnataka 590005, India, 2Dean for PG Studies & Professor in PG Department of Rasashastra & BK, Shri J.G.C.H.S. Ayurvedic Medical College, Belgaum, Karnataka 591306, India.
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Lymphangiomas are malformations of the lymphatic system characterized by lesions that are thin-walled cysts. These are caused by development errors of the lymphatic system. The lesions can grow rapidly with infection, trauma or bleeding, resulting in disfigurement as well as severe impairment of respiration, swallow and speech. Treatment includes aspiration, surgical excision, laser and radiofrequency ablation and sclerotherapy. If the lesions are drained, they will rapidly fill back up with fluid. Surgical excision is one of the choices of treatment, but if they are not completely removed in surgery the lesions will grow and increase to a larger size. Lymphangioma can be considered as Lasika sira arbuda (tumour of lymphatic vessels) as per Ayurveda and the line of treatment mentioned in Sushruta is the first 12 upkramas (treatments) of the Shashti Upakramas (Sixty Procedures) of the vrana chikitsa along with internal medications. In this case report, a 7-year old female who presented with complaints of swelling over the right submandibular region, slowly growing in size has been treated with lepa along with shamana oushadhi (internal medicine). After 3 months of treatment there was no swelling at all. This case suggests the utility of lepa along with internal medicine in Lymphangioma

Corresponding Author : Savita. S. Angadi