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 Indian Journal of Legal Medicine
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Journal Details
Editorial-Chief Mohit Gupta,Delhi
Frequency Semiannual
IC Value -
Impact Factor -
Publishing Year 2019
Affiliated to RFP own journal
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About the Journal

The Indian Journal of Legal Medicine is dedicated to promoting Medico-Legal knowledge in all its aspects. The issues in this rapidly changing area of the healthcare sciences and the law are generally of a complex nature. The Indian Journal of Legal Medicine provides an opportunity for a detailed debate of those issues which lack simplistic answers. This journal is to inform professionals of current legal and ethical issues related to patient care and also provides an academic and scientific forum for practitioners and academics to debate medico-legal issues of importance to individuals and society as a whole.

Current Issue Volume 2,Number 1 2020
Original Article
Distribution of Fingerprint Patterns in North: Indian Population
Prasansha Singla
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Review Article
Industrial Accidents- Medicolegal Issues Reviewed
Vivekanshu Verma
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Bite Mark, a Pivotal Tool in Crime Investigation: A Review
Anandita Kale
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Significance of Treatment Consent, Pre Interaction work up and Clinical Documentation During COVID-19 in Dental Clinics
Abhimanyu Sharma
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Mapping Toxic Disasters around the Globe: An Indian Society of Toxicology Initiative for Legal Regulation on Environmental Toxicity
Vivekanshu Verma
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]