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  Volume 9, Number 2, July – December 2021
Original Article
Effect of Floor Type on Blood Biochemical Profile in Buffalo Heifers
    Priti Shakya1, Rajneesh Sirohi2, Brijesh Yadav3, Yajuvendra Singh4, D N Singh5, Mamta6  |
Differentiation of Post-partum Estrus and Non-estrus Stages of Dairy Animals on the Basis of Haematological Attributes
    Saurabh Tiwari1, Yajuvandra Singh2, Rajneesh Sirohi3, Brijesh Yadav4, Deep Narayan Singh5  |
The study of Incidence of Reproductive Disorders in Non-descriptive Cows in Rewa District
    M K Ahirwar1, J S Rajoriya2, A K Singh3, B K Ojha4  |
Review Article
Recovery and Processing of Edible fat from Slaughter House Byproducts
    Meena Goswami1, Vikas Pathak2, Barkha Sharma3, Anita M Chappalwar4, Sanjay Singh5, Sadhana Ojha6  |