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  Volume 6, Number 1, Jan-June 2018
Original Article
Effect of roughage to concentrate ratio on performance and RFI of lactating crossbred cows
    Jyoti Sumer Kajla1, R.S. Grewal2, Puneet Malhotra3, J.S. Lamba4, Simarjit Kaur5, Jasmine Kaur6  |
Effect of incorporation of coriander seed meal at varying levels on serum biochemical profile in Japanese quail diets
    Balachenna Reddy N.1, Srinivas Kumar D.2, Raja Kishore K.3, Naga Raja Kumari K.4  |
Review Article
Sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in animal feed and their potential impact on environmental and human health: a comprehensive review
    Atul Kumar1, Anil Patyal2, A.K. Panda3  |
Employment generation through fisheries based farming system in rural areas of Jammu region
    Raj Kumar1, A. Gupta2, S. Masud3, J.S. Manhas4  |
Shelf life enhancement of muscle foods with biodegradable film packaging
    Meena Goswami1, Vikas Pathak2, Sanjay Kumar Bharti3, Anita Tewari4, Anita Chappalwar5, Tanuja6, Sadhana Ojha7  |
Urea treated paddy straw: Effect on feed intake, digestibility, fermentable energy and milk production in cattle
    S. Sivajothi1, P. Aruna2, B. Sudhakara Reddy3  |