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Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga

Volume  9, Issue 1, Jan-Mar 2016, Pages 21-23

Case Report

Management of Vicharchika (Eczema) with Securinega Leucopyrus and Sesame Oil: A Case Study

Dudhamal Tukaram*, A.S. Ajmeer**, Chaturbhuja Bhuyan***

*Assistant Professor **M.S. (Ayu) ***Ex. Professor and Head, Dept. of Shalyatantra, Institute for Post Graduate Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (I.P.G.T. & R.A.), Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, Gujarat361 008, India.

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 Vicharchika (Eczema) is one kind of skin disorder and hampers the quality of life of an individual. If eczema is at the working part particularly hands then it causes routine disturbances of work. In  Ayurveda Vicharchika is one kind of twaka vicar (skin disorder) and included in the broad heading Kushta. The management of Kushta is according to the types like  Shodhan and Shaman as prescribed by all acharyas. In this case report a 45 years male patient of eczema at fingers of  left hand since last 2 months visited Ayurved hospital for treatment. Patient had complaints of severe throbbing pain, watery discharge, itching and swelling of first, middle and ring fingers of left hand with superficial ulcerations. He had taken treatment for that from local doctor but did not have relief so he consulted to our hospital. The x-ray of affected hand shows mild infective changes with soft tissue swelling.  So this case was diagnosed as eczema with cellulitis at left hand and was treated successfully with powder of Securinega leucopyrus and sesame oil. Wound was cleaned with normal saline and then applied paste of S. leucopyrus  leaves powder mixed with sesame oil daily once in the morning. The swelling, eczema and ulcerations relieved completely within 15 days. So this case study highlighted that eczema with cellulitis can be treated with local application of S. leucopyrus paste.

Keywords: Ayurveda; Eczema; Kushta; Securinega Leucopyrus; Vicharchika.

Corresponding Author : Dudhamal Tukaram*